Morning and Evening

Very recently, we have been allowed to walk inside the condo complex early in the morning or late at night, Krishnan and I stepped out today for our walk. I captured a tree with a bird’s nest early in the morning. This is like Nature’s art… so beautiful. Then in […]

Remembering Phantom :):)

#LockdownTales The Chinese Virus has really brought Phantom alive. All of us, across the world are walking out of our homes (if at all) only with a mask on ! Phantom was the original masked superhero and suddenly the whole world is now filled with masked heroes and heroines. Krishnan […]

Lockdown Learnings #1

#LockdownTales With the world in a lockdown mode, many of us are learning news ways of living, re-discovering some old ways that are effective and even as we cope with an unseen attacker, we are also innovating. The following is a partial list of habits/learnings that I and many others […]