Chasing a mouse !! :)

I sat down to have my morning tea and mom was still getting hers, Krishnan was just coming from the other room, when I saw this cute tiny mouse poke it’s head out from below the sofa !! I find tiny rats very cute but the damage they do is terrible. So immediately we closed all the doors to the bedrooms and kitchen and tried to ferret this rat out …..

We kept the main door open and tried banging from one side so that it ran out. It worked twice but the cute mouse would come running back and hide under the credenza kept right at the entrance :(:(. It’s fascinating to watch how careful the cute little mouse is … It was clear that Mom, Krishnan and I could not stand still for a few seconds because the mouse would run back to its cover as soon as our shadows moved. It’s so careful not to get caught. Getting my mom to sit quietly is just impossible :):):):) and Krishnan too keeps moving. Me ? Am like my dad, I have patience when I need it and am super impatient in certain areas like mom.

Finally it went out and we managed to close the gap under the main door using mats. Phew ! What yoga and cycling and walking, try ferreting out a mouse and you get an awesome workout. Outwitting a tiny thing like a rat is tough, it’s survival instincts are so finely honed.

My morning tea went cold as expected, so now I have a new fresh cup of tea :). Great start to the week.

This also reminded me of the Bat that came visiting in a freak incident in 2010 just the day before our trip to Turkey…. To this day we don’t know how it went out but it obviously did because when we got back, we moved all the furniture and couldn’t find it.

We have just overrun the territories of so many animals 🙁 it’s just sad. When you watch the birds and other tiny creatures in action, you realise how smart they are and how careful. Just because we have an intellect more developed than theirs, we try and play havoc with nature.

So rat out, good tea in and the day begins… Have a great day everyone :):):)

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