Thank you, Gen. Musharraf – I agree with you !

For once I agree with Gen. Musharraf. He said two days back that the Peshawar attack that was carried out by terrorists was India’s fault. I agree. Infact there are many other things that are India’s fault !!

Starting with the partition and letting Pakistan be created … If only India hadn’t played into the hands of the British and Jinnah then, we wouldn’t even be talking about the Peshawar attack or the millions that were displaced or the 500,000 that were killed :(. India didn’t put its foot down where the British empire drew a wedge between brothers. The biggest fault by far.

It’s also India’s fault that we never pushed our advantage in the 1971 war that we won conclusively by closing the Kashmir “issue” and letting Kashmir become the paradise it always was. Our fault that emboldened some of your terrorist instincts and innocents at both of our homes are paying the price.

It’s also India’s fault that we let you influence the Khalistan movement. We drove a dagger deep into our own heart and expected us not to bleed – we paid a huge price again with the lives of innocents. Our fault.

It’s also India’s fault that we were gullible yet again and let Kargil happen. We again nearly let go of our advantage, but governments changed and we saved ourselves from making yet another grievous mistake. Thank God the Nobel prize also went to the more deserving Satyarthi and Malala.

It’s also India’s fault that we kept giving details of the terrorist training schools that you have in Pakistan, but never made efforts to shut them down or obliterate them. Our fault. Finally some of the products of these schools killed innocents in Mumbai during the Taj attack. And yesterday you released the alleged Mastermind of that attack, again our fault. We are still “talking” and not “taking” any action.

It’s India’s fault that Malala got shot. It’s our fault because of the point above, where we let the schools for terrorists flourish and not schools for children like Malala.

It’s also our fault that the cousins of terrorists called the “underworld” dons also use Pakistan as their home. We let them escape and it’s definitely our fault that they live in peace and their money funds killing of innocents everywhere.

I really agree with you that it’s India’s fault that we let “inhuman” monsters live so they can kill innocents. Krishna in the Mahabharata war exhorts Arjuna to kill his cousins, and gurus because the “good” has to prevail. We never got his message. Prophet Mohammed spent his entire life fighting for the “good”. Jesus died for “good” to prevail. All our Prophets, Mystics, and learned men and women have told us that you need to rid the Earth of evil and let good prevail…. India has a rich lineage of these learned men and women, but we don’t understand them and that’s our fault.

I thank you, Gen. Musharraf and am sure all Indians will thank you for reminding us that it’s our fault. I, like millions of right thinking Indians would love to rectify our fault and rid the world of these “inhuman” monsters who kill innocent children in cold blood in a classroom. Consider it done, Gen. Musharraf and thanks once again for pointing out our mistake, like a true friend.

P.s Dear ModiJi and Parikkarji, please act upon Gen. Musharraf’s request. He has pointed out our fault rightly. Please take steps to fix the fault.

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  1. Hmm I agree with your post it was always our fault. They have been assaulting us with guns and bomb and have been killing Indian citizen from ages and what is that we have done im those years is to stop playing cricket with them 🙁


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