Every Vote Got Counted – Bihar Elections 2020

I wanted to write this blog late at night yesterday … but there were seven seats yet to be decided. Bihar elections 2020 has been interesting. All elections are, but that it coincided with the US President’s elections gave us a chance to compare how politics plays out in the oldest and the largest democracies in the world.

Today morning – from the Election Commission’s website

At 8.45 pm last night – the results were as follows

Congratulations to Mr. Nitish Kumar and of course to Mr. Modi. Biharis just love Mr. Modi, because he has kept his promises and he has brought electricity, tap water and overall development in Bihar. Mr. Nitish Kumar has been an able administrator, and all the central Govt schemes have been delivered without any scam.

Memes !

A fun Meme that came through was Mr. Nitish Kumar being photoshopped onto the famous VP-Elect Kamala Harris’ pic. Here it is –

Bihar Elections 2020

I just love the creativity that is unleashed during elections. The Memes come fast and furious. While some of them are crass and vile, some of them are really funny.

Then there was RaGa speaking the truth yet again about his family concern – CONgress party.

Highlights of the Bihar Elections 2020

There were nearly 4.11 crore votes polled in the Bihar Elections 2020. We must pat ourselves on the back, that the Election Commission of India is a robust organization that has not only perfected the process of voting but it also ensures that there is very little scope for things to be messed up.

Remember – when the voting happens, you have observers from every political party sitting at the polling booth. The EVM cannot be tampered with, no matter what Kapil Sibal says or the new-dud-on-the-block Udit Raj says. These EVMs are then sealed and there is a video taken of the process. When the EVMs are taken out for counting, you again have a video and all representatives of different political parties sitting around watching.

The results of the Bihar Elections 2020 were announced in a day !! Contrast that with the counting that is still going on in the US :). Its a moment of pride that a developing country like ours is technologically more advanced than the world’s most developed nation in certain aspects.

The Modi Factor

Coincidentally, yesterday we had a Bihari electrician coming home to do the work ….. He felt proud about India’s answer to the Pulwama attack through the Balakot air strike. He knew exactly what India’s response was towards the Chinese attack in Galwan Valley. Every single scheme of Mr. Modi has benefited him and his relatives in Bihar. He was thrilled that Ram Janma Bhoomi case has been resolved and Article 370 is gone. The pandemic made him lose Rs. 1.5 lakhs worth of business, but he was clear that it was a temporary setback. His family in Bihar and his migrant workers never went hungry !

That is the power of Modi Ji. The fact that the poor receive their benefits without any middleman has changed the game forever. Its not polarisation, communal politics, fascism, nationalism…. its just that the poor receive whatever is promised to them by Modi Ji’s government. Thats why it will be “Baar Baar Modi Sarkar”.

Capiche ? No ? Ask Raul’s Madre !!

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