For my BFF – an Assam Raw Silk !

Geetu and I became friends almost on day one way back in 1980 and have been best friends since. Geetu and I are a classic case of opposites attracting – I am volatile and she is all calm, I am loud and she is soft spoken, I have no creativity in any traditional arts and she is all creative, I am a super nag and she is pleasantly insistent, my house can be messy sometimes but her house is so clean and shiny all the time …. the list is endless. The only thing we are similar in is our emotional strength. I may appear the stronger emotionally but she is just as strong. We briefly lost contact for a few years just after college and both of us got married to our respective sweethearts during that time. We got married the same year without any planning… and the best part of course is Geetu’s daughter happens to be an Arian – the best gift for me :). Even though I met Dinky for the first time only when she was in her 7th, I am sure I have managed to influence her in spirit and now of course I have a total parallel track of friendship with her and Jai.

Geetu’s birthday is on July 8th and its one of the birthdays that I have never written down in the calendar and never forgotten. So this year as I am celebrating my 50th by wearing a different saree on important birthdays I chose to wear an Assam raw silk that feels like cotton on her birthday.

We had a day trip to Chennai for ShikshaDaan that day so this picture was taken really early in the morning around 4 am. The saree has the traditional bamboo hat motif all over and we bought this saree at the ARTFED showroom in Guwahati in Feb 2018. I wore it right through the day and got several compliments for it including one from the CRPF lady at the Chennai airport who was doing the security check for women. The string am wearing is from Desh Maheshwari and its a maroon coloured stone with golden streaks, a very beautiful stone.

Am glad I could wear something from Assam because Geetu and I met in Shillong, near Guwahati.

Happy birthday once again Geetu :).


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