Corona Lessons #1 – Count your Blessings

Ten days back, my mother’s 88 year old elder sister passed away in Chennai. Her good Karma and blessings from her elders, ensured that she didn’t contract the Corona virus. Except for her son’s family and her husband no one could visit due to the ongoing pandemic. All four of her daughters are in different cities – one each in Delhi, Tirunelveli, Bangalore and Rajapalayam.

The last rites were done by my Mama (Maternal uncle) and her son. Just my cousin’s family, Mama and Mami were present. If this had happened during non-Corona times, the entire family would have been there to bid her farewell.

Two other acquaintances though were not so lucky :(:(. My parents’ friends lost their son in the US to Corona Virus and except for his sister, no one else was allowed to even see him, leave alone do his last rites. I can’t even begin to fathom how his wife and children are dealing with this deep anguish.

A neighbour of my paternal uncle, lost her son-in-law in Chennai to Corona and the same situation was repeated here too – his parents, wife and children were not allowed near him nor any relatives or friends. Some unknown person did his last rites. Its so terrible for the spouse and children… to not say their final goodbyes.

The Chinese virus is truly a jolt to humanity, its making us question the basics in life. The first thing that it is forcing us to do is to count our blessings. If we have our family and friends around us, good health and we live in a free country, we should be grateful.

If we have sufficient money to put even two square meals a day in front of us, again, we need to be grateful. The clean air is a blessing. If you live in your own house or are able to pay the rent for a house, be grateful.

Blessings are in abundance … count them and stay happy, safe and blessed.


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