Hailstorm in January !

It has been raining for the past four days. That in itself is strange weather for January in Delhi NCR. Usually we have a day’s rain at best… but we can go on convincing ourselves that, there is no “climate change” :):).

Today there was a hailstorm and perfectly formed ice pellets rained down from the skies. The last time this happened was in 2016. ओले पड़े !! बेमौसम बारिश … No climate change though. In 2016, the ice pellets were tiny, but this time, they were very well formed. Rajesh was probably out for his walk and he posted these photographs –

Pic Credit – Rajesh Kalra.
Pic Credit – Rajesh Kalra.

This happened around 7 am and it was still slightly dark. I couldn’t get great pictures but managed to record the sound and take a few blurred photos.

Do make an effort to find the ice pellets :):)

While I was struggling to capture a nice video, my step brother Kabir Pandit managed to post a really nice video. Do enjoy this borrowed video.

Hailstorm … Video Credits – Kabir Pandit

Now the question is … why unseasonal rains ? I don’t know, but am sure the climatologists will find an explanation for this. I see this as one more evidence of climate change. Its real and its happening at a pace that is frantic.

In the initial months of the pandemic, Mother Earth seemed to reboot and repair herself because, “WE” were locked up. I wish we learn something and in the post pandemic era, we lock ourselves up for a day in a month. Let nature do its work without interference from “US” human beings.

One day a month is not difficult for anyone to just stay indoors. We have a lot of experience doing just that for months. Our future generations will thank us for making an effort towards leaving them a green planet. The rate at which we are depleting resources, our children will be forced to colonize a new planet till Mother Earth repairs herself.

Are we listening ? and Do we care ? I am hearing a “no” even as I wish to hear a “yes”. …

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