Bharat Biotech & Covaxin !

On Sunday I read a FB post about Bharat Biotech and Dr. Krishna Ella. Was thrilled to read that Dr. Krishna Ella and his wife returned from the US to setup Bharat Biotech in 1996. We have several stories of “brain drain” and Indians that shine overseas, but very few stories like Dr. Ella who return and participate in India’s growth.

Covaxin – India’s Corona Vaccine

India is amongst the five countries that have produced a vaccine for Corona virus. Moderna and Pfizer have a vaccine each in the US, Oxford vaccine in the UK, Sputnik in Russia, Sinopharm in China and now Covaxin in India.

I am no expert in vaccines and I won’t debate the merits and demerits of each vaccine but the very fact that an Indian company could produce a vaccine that “seems” effective is great news. The pandemic has brought India’s pharma companies into the limelight. Many Indians like me, suddenly realised that we are the biggest manufacturers of Hydroxychloroquine which seemed to be an initial cure for Corona.

Earlier we only read about Cipla and Ranbaxy in the news and never realised the work they did in producing inexpensive life saving drugs !

Bharat Biotech’s vaccine portfolio

Bharat Biotech

If Bharat Biotech has manufactured so many vaccines why would they not do a spectacular job with Covaxin ?

Its sad to see so many newly minted vaccine specialists on media channels and social media dissing Covaxin, just because its developed by an Indian company ! I can understand the global pharma majors trying to dismiss Covaxin in order to sell their vaccine, but why are we doing it ?

Bill Gates approves !

Minhaz Merchant said it right that Indians in general care too much about global opinion and global rankings. We somehow seem to seek approval from the West despite being a strong nation with a glorious history behind us and a glorious future ahead of us.

Hopefully now that Mr. Bill Gates (the Vaccine king of the world) has appreciated India’s vaccination drive, India’s vaccine Covaxin will also be accepted.

Bharat Biotech

Thanks to Dr. Krishna Ella for setting up Bharat Biotech and contributing to India’s growth.

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