9th Anniversary of 90rollsroyces – Thank You Nisha & Prashant !

On Wednesday Jan 6th, I got a message from WordPress that it was the 9th anniversary of my blog. I started blogging on Jan 1, 2012, but on eBlogger or Blogspot or now blogger.com. I shifted to WordPress on Jan 6th 2012, reposted all my blogs here and never left :). On the 9th anniversary of my blogging journey, I want to thank Nisha, who pestered me …. ok, inspired me to start blogging.


I knew a little about blogging before Nisha got me started, because Prashant had started his personal blog “Chai Ki Dukaan” and I followed his posts. It was he who insisted that I migrate immediately into WordPress as this was a better platform. Am so glad that I listened to both of them because I love to write and WordPress is wonderful as a blogging platform.

What blogging does for me ? Its therapeutic, it helps me to reflect upon different thoughts and it connects me to so many wonderful people. I have even made some friends through blogging. Infact just at the start of 2020, Krishnan and I met Todd at a coffee shop. Do follow Todd @ Go Outside Today. I met Todd through my blog. He and his son have come home, had a meal with us and we just connect as though we have been friends forever !

Katharine similarly found me through my blog. She comments on those blogs of mine that speak of spiritualism, management, plastic and food. I get to hear her refreshingly different views on all these topics. We don’t agree always but we enjoy each other’s perspectives. An ex-colleague’s mother-in-law became a friend through my blog and I have learnt so much from reading other blogs.

Through blogs I have found books, health tips, recipes, Indian history, travel tips and different views on current affairs and politics.

In the past 9 years I have posted 2363 blogs that have had nearly 300,000 views and almost 200,000 people have visited my blog. My most read blog of course remains A letter to Mr. Aiyar. Last year was the best year of my blogging since 2014 when that letter to Mr. Aiyar went viral. In 2020 I had 35000 views and 23000 visitors to my blog. Also in 2020, Krishnan merged his blog into 90rollsroyces and has started blogging here.

A big thank you to all my blog readers. A bigger thank you to those of you who engage with the blog by posting comments, whether agreeing or disagreeing with my thoughts. Wishing all of you a wonderful year ahead and looking forward to your comments this year !

Nisha and Prashant – thanks to both of you for introducing me to the world of blogging on WordPress. ❤️

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  1. Congratulations BIndu., wow… 9 years and endless blogging. Awesome.
    Keep doing the good work. and stay blessed.


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