Deepavali 2020 Prep

We finally found an electrician to come home today ! Our regular electrician Nityanand has started working in a company which has a showroom, so he couldn’t come during this week. Due to the lockdown, we hadn’t managed to replace the bulbs that had gone out. I wanted more lights on the balcony for Deepavali 2020 and they had to be “Made in India” :).

Pankaj, the electrician who came today apparently has been working in our Condo complex since 2002. He has now started dealing in tiles and he takes on projects rather than do piecemeal work. I loved the way he cleaned up after himself… very few electricians and carpenters do that. He changed all the bulbs that had gone out. We managed to clean the lampshades everywhere as well.

He bought two multi-coloured LED strings that are “Made in India” to add to the existing string that I have used for the past few years. He put both the strings out on the balcony. We went in the evening to start the car and I took a quick walk around the condo complex. I love the Deepavali lights … they just lift your mood.

  • Deepavali 2020
Deepavali 2020
Our Condo complex – all lit up

I wish we didn’t have the smoke and the terrible pollution but well, the festive spirit is about forgetting all the difficulties and enjoying ourselves. Thats what we will attempt to do.

Happy Deepavali 2020. Enjoy and celebrate with your loved ones, even if its over video.

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