July – Hindu Persecution Awareness Month

I am yet to find out who took this initiative, but am glad somebody did. July is being observed as the Hindu Persecution Awareness month. Hitler killed six million Jews but over the past 1000 years, millions of innocent Hindus have been killed but no one speaks about it. Our forefathers were brutalised if they refused to convert to Islam or Christianity depending on whether it was the Mughal invaders or the British Colonisers.

Today I had to think for a few minutes before posting this blog …. because am a Hindu and I dare not speak of persecution. I must always remain “Secular” and adjust my views to appeal to the minorities. The same minorities that trample over my age old traditions, sneer about my glorious scientific history (while stealing it and patenting it) and have wet dreams of making India into a Caliphate or a Bible toting nation.

Hindu Persecution

Hindus in the North Eastern States of India

I am merely posting one infographic that Kalavai Venkat had posted on his long FB article regarding the religious demographics changing over time. … Anyone who can read English and comprehend numbers can see clearly what has been done to the Hindus of the North Eastern states of India.

Hindu Persecution Month
Change in the religious demographics of Hindus in North Eastern states of India

Am in tears looking at Manipur’s statistics …. the Chau dance was Krishna’s raas leela and today the state perhaps has forgotten about Krishna.

This is precisely what was done to Africa and the results are there for everyone to see. Their resources, land and culture is all gone in exchange for the Bible !

TamilNadu, Andhra, Telangana and Punjab are next in line, utterly in the grip of incentivised conversions. If the Government of India does not take any steps NOW to stop this menace, these states will go the way the North Eastern states have.

Change in Hindu population – neighbouring countries

Again, the following infographic requires no explanation –

Hindu Persecution Awareness Month

In the past 10 years, the Hindu population has dwindled further in not just our neighbouring countries but also in India. And some morons still would not like CAA and NRC to be implemented 🤬😡.

I will be posting a series of blogs on Hindu Persecution and genocide over this month. Do share your thoughts regarding this issue. Please remember this beautiful quote while sharing your thoughts –

Hindu Right

Enjoy the rest of the week and do get more awareness about the persecution and genocide of Hindus. Its important and has to be spoken about.

#HinduPersecutionIsReal #AgainstHinduPersecution

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