Nature’s Abundance

A few months back, I ended up receiving a couple of packs of black sesame seeds instead of Raw Basil seeds. I got the replacement immediately, but I had mistakenly soaked a handful of the black sesame seeds, assuming it was Raw basil seeds 😂. Amma used most of it in a chutney and poured the water with a few remaining seeds into one of the plant pots that we have in the balcony. Nature showed its abundance ….

A few weeks later, we saw small green plants sprout. Once they were about 6 to 7 inches tall, we realised these were sesame plants.

Nature's abundance
The Sesame plants

A few weeks back we got flowers which slowly turned into pods. Then a couple of days back, two of the pods became dry and Amma plucked them. We got a small spoonful of homegrown sesame seeds.

Nature's Abundance
We got a spoonful of Sesame seeds from two tiny pods !

There are many more pods on the plants still and maybe we will get a few grams of sesame seeds to harvest. Nature’s abundance is unbelievable !

Towards Abundance

In 2012, authors Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler released a book titled “Abundance” where they presented their reasons and data about why the Earth is moving towards abundance. The book asks us not to be pessimistic about the future because even if we are depleting the Earth’s resources, we also have ways of overcoming the challenges.

Abundance -Book

The pandemic has brought home the point in a different way. Nature has a way of rejuvenating and refreshing herself if we stay out of the way ! The Ozone hole got repaired, water in the rivers got cleaner, the air got less polluted so long as human beings stayed home 😂. That’s what our Upanishads and Vedas say as well – Nature doesn’t need our help, we just need to stop interfering and she will sustain herself.

Wishing everyone abundance !

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