Monkey Business !

We went for our morning walk a little late today, around 7 a.m. Just as we rounded block D, we saw there were visitors to our condominium complex !! A Monkey Family had come visiting :). 

Baby Monkey
Mom and Baby playing


Baby monkey getting a verbal lashing :):)


Baby says “ok, I won’t listen, karlo jo karna hai” 🙂


Right after the baby Monkey tried to stand its ground against Mommy, strongman dad walked in. We turned away and walked towards the other side so that the security guards could take care of this Monkey business.

As we walked towards B block we saw the family on the wall slinking away towards some other place.

Father Monkey

It was nice to see the Monkeys but they are difficult to manage. They have entered some of the houses and stolen food besides trashing the place up. Its sad that human beings have encroached their habitat so much that they now have to enter condo complexes and be driven out :(.

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