Cloud Conference leading to Rain Showers !


Yesterday when Krishnan and I went for a walk early in the morning, I found dark clouds getting together. Daybreak was a little slower and it looked like the clouds were having a conference to decide whether they should rain down on Earth right away or tomorrow.

Cloud Conference underway 🙂

Once the boss arrived, all darkness fled and a magical purple and orange hue filled the sky…

Sun, the boss, enters the cloud conference !

Looks like the boss took the decision to postpone the rains to today.. there was thunder and dark skies right from the morning and three spells of rain.

Just before the second spell of rain around 1 pm in the afternoon.

The rain showers ensured that I didn’t have to clean the pigeon poop on the balcony, so a big thank you to Lord Varuna for that. I have no challenges with the lockdown except this – being on the 12th floor, both our balconies are basically pigeon toilets. I hate cleaning up after the pigeons. They are the dirtiest birds of all and I just don’t like them :):). They also spread diseases and allergies. As more cities modernise, and high rise buildings come up, its essential to make them pigeon proof. We are seriously considering ways to keep the pigeons out once the lockdown is relaxed a bit.

While us city dwellers enjoy the rains, I am wondering what impact these unseasonal rains have on crops. Hope there isn’t too much damage to any crop, particularly in north India because south India does get occasional showers in April, so its not unseasonal there.

#ClimateChangeIsReal #UnseasonalRains

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