Book Review – Blue Moon, a Jack Reacher novel

Jack Reacher to the rescue ! Every time I hit a reading wall, I break through by reading a Jack Reacher novel. Its an easy read, has a super hero in human form and the bad guys always lose in the end, what’s not to like about it.

This time I picked up the Blue Moon, Number 24 in the series. Last I read a Lee Child novel was in 2020 – Book Review – Persuader.

Jack Reacher

The Plot

As always Jack Reacher is drifting from one place to another on a bus. He saves an old man from a mugging attempt and while dropping him home he realises that the old man and his wife are deep in debt with loan sharks. He stays around to help the old man repay his money safely to the loan shark but gets involved as the loan shark disappears.

Slowly the plot thickens and the reader is led through the east and west sides of an unnamed town. Albanian and Ukrainian crime bosses have divided the town between themselves and both sides are trying to take over before the appointment of a new police commissioner.

Jack Reacher is suspected to be a Russian agent from outside and there is a huge pile up of dead gangsters from each side. Finally both the Ukrainians and Albanians are wiped clean by the one and only Reacher with help from a single marine who happens to be around in that town. They manage to reach the nerd whose company went bankrupt and put the old man and woman into debt, because they couldn’t pay for their daughter’s treatment. The daughter had no medical coverage as she was working for this nerd’s company and didn’t get paid, nor her health insurance premium was being paid.

I think this will be my last Lee Child novel. They are too predictable and the fun of unravelling a plot is all that’s left. While you expect the hero to be unbeatable, some of the novels show Reacher as the human being he is. This one doesn’t …

Recommendation ? Its interesting enough for a quick read. Again, like the Persuader, don’t buy it, try and read it on Kindle Unlimited.

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