A Son’s Gift !

I have written about Gopinath and the handwoven Kanchi silk sarees that I have bought from him. Just to jog everyone’s memories, do read – A Kanchi Silk Saree – Direct from the Weaver !.

Over the past one year plus that we have interacted, Gopinath has become more family than friend. We missed attending his wedding due to wave 2. So we were thrilled when he and Ezhilarasi decided to visit us both on the way to their honeymoon and while returning. Akshaya Tritiya 2022 – Sustaining Friendships.

We were able to spend some quality time together, ofcourse discussing sarees !!

In May, we were in Chennai briefly for Sriranga’s Upanayanam and I received a call from a courier saying there was a package for me. Gopinath pinged me at the same time asking where I was. I spoke to our neighbours and they collected the package on our behalf. I knew right away that it would be a saree.

As soon as we got back to Gurgaon, I picked up the package and almost tore it open in my eagerness. It was a stunning saree…. with a simple one line card enclosed.

The note that accompanied Gopinath’s gift
Gift - Gopinath

Gopinath’s Gift – Release Date

I decided to wear it for Krishnan’s birthday on the 16th, but the Universe had a different release date in mind 😁. Krishnan and I, both fell sick on his birthday and we couldn’t celebrate as we wanted to.

16th was Krishnan’s “English” birthday and June 1, was his birthday according to the Hindu calendar. So this stunning gift from Gopinath was worn on June 1. I turned heads wherever I went … its such a gorgeous colour.

Gift Gopinath
The lighting doesn’t do justice to the colour !
Gift Gopinath
Our clumsy efforts at Selfies 😆

The neckpiece is a multi-coloured stone bead Mala from Desh Maheshwari, with a pendant that Nisha added to it.

Thank You Gopinath – love this saree, particularly the colour. Best wishes from Krishnan and I for your continued success and may God bless you and Ezhilarasi with a wonderful life together.

To buy these kind of stunning Kanchi silk sarees with pure zari please contact Gopinath at +91 98946 65297.

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