The “helpful” Universe !

Someone wanted to get connected to a homeopath and the Universe got our homeopathy medicines delivered to their house !!!!!

Our homeopath sends medicines through Uber Eats or Dunzo. Today she sent it through Uber Eats and we received the notification from the Gate saying our delivery was waiting. Krishnan approved his entry and then the drama unfolded.

Our block security never called. Krishnan waited for ten minutes and called the block security only to be told that no one came. He then got the notification from the system saying the Uber Eats delivery boy Aman had already delivered the medicines and left the condominium. 😳

I called him up because most of the delivery boys speak Haryanvi Hindi which is difficult for Krishnan to understand over the phone. Aman said he had handed over the medicine. I asked him which block did he come to and he replied with our block number. Then I asked him which floor did he go to and he said the 14th. We live on the 12th.

Aman was already at the next customer’s address with his next delivery. We didn’t know how to get the medicines. I called him up several times to convince him to come back but he refused initially. Krishnan went up to the 14th floor and checked with them, they too had not received the medicines.

We called the control room and asked them to check with all the block security for an entry from a guy called Aman. In the meantime, we posted on our condominium Whatsapp group about this problem. I also convinced Aman to come back and identify the block where he had given the medicine. That’s when my phone rang ….

… and our ex-neighbour and dear friend who have moved to the opposite block from ours had received the medicine. Instead of delivering to 121, Aman had delivered to 141 and a different block 🙄. All of us heaved a sigh of relief. Krishnan went to pick up the medicines when our ex-neighbour told him that she was looking for a homeopath !!!

Its clear that the Universe sent the delivery boy to the wrong address because our friend wanted to get introduced to a homeopath. All is well that ends well.

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Note – This incident happened just now :):).


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