RIP Jock Zonfrillo

I was about to switch on the TV and look for the first episode of Masterchef Australia 2023, and the sad news of Jock Zonfrillo popped up on Twitter. Jock is one of the celebrity judges on Masterchef Australia and he was just 46. :(:( What a shock !

The telecast has been shifted by a week in honour of Jock and rightfully so. He was a fantastic chef who worked with native ingredients of Australia. On the program, he brought his own style to judging the contestants. What I particularly liked was the way he would give a send off when someone got eliminated in any episode. “Give it up for …… ”

For me what was amazing about Jock was the fact that he had overcome a heroin addiction and built a loving family around him. Drug addiction and that too at a young age is very difficult to get out of. It’s amazing that he could do it and his passing on so suddenly just makes it that much sadder.

The other thing I noticed about Chef Jock was his willingness to learn from anyone. I distinctly recollect episode 25 from Season 12 where Reynold Poernomo blows a sugar bubble to elevate his Apple Pie. Jock Zonfrillo just ran across the hall saying, “I have never seen a sugar bubble being blown live”. Reynold was a participant and Jock was a well known Chef already … not many would admit not knowing something about their craft !!

Jock Zonfrillo
Just see Jock’s look of awe and his deep interest in learning something new !

Rest in Peace Chef ! Cook up a storm in heaven and may God give your loved ones the strength to go on. One last time, give it up for Jock Zonfrillo folks 🙁.

Celebrity chef and MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo dies

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