The cream always floats to the top !

Finally the Dean’s list was announced and the top six scholars were announced …. No surprises in our batch. Kapil Kumar Jain topped the class and no wonder, we knew that within the first few classes. He was probably one of the few who didn’t sweat DMUU :):) early indication that he will top the class. Kapil, your commitment and hard work paid off and will pay off everytime.

Then we have Arun Krishnan, who completed both the DMUU tests ahead of time while the rest of us were either sweating or our hearts were pumping extra hard !! Not to forget the extra classes that he held. That darned tree that had to be inverted… Won’t forget that assignment where I went and asked Arun intelligent questions only to realise they weren’t intelligent at all :):):). The singing, the doctorate, the maths whiz and above all a fine gentleman.. Arun, you are a hair-raising accomplisher. Sometimes, nature is unfair. Well, Dr. Krishnan, thanks for being in the Dean’s list … Atleast my last name got an entry.

What can one say about “Guruji” Rajendra ? After the answer that he gave to Prof Harbir, the prof was quiet for some time because even he hadn’t thought of some of the points :):). The only person that Vivek Gupta listened to and so many others listened to. Rajendra, maybe we should have eaten in Goel hall a lot more … Thodi akal aa jati. Can’t forget the Vodite conversations and the detailed analysis or the special one-liners for special people. Congratulations Rajendra !

Never believe if anyone says he can sleep with his eyes open.. Especially when he would ask the relevant question and connect everything to the “hype” cycle. Feroze, the CEO, well done and so happy that you are on the Dean’s list. Btw also thanks for reminding me of “kinkartavyavimood” … Only the KV gang of a certain age will know this word. Thanks also for the “jugaad” masala tea without which we couldn’t have made it through the classes especially the tests :):)

During the “Strategic Product Management” course, you were my neighbour and for the first time I realised why numbers can be fascinating – the way you had written out the columns and laid out the worksheet to calculate transfer pricing or any of the concepts, was like an accomplished poet reading out his poetry. And yes, I wanted to hide my Excel worksheet from you !!! Vineet, it’s no wonder that you are on the Dean’s list – someone who can make me think of numbers as poetry is obviously super smart and your clarity of thought was very obvious.

Just as he would summarize every professors class on the last day and sometimes add his own understanding to it, I saved my comments for Bhat till the end. The man with the longest name and the one definitely with the longest battery capacity (can’t remove the image of Bhat being the robot during the ongo-pongo game) … Bhat, thrilled to see your name on the Dean’s list. You deserve it for all the hardwork, the notes, the super energy and ofcourse for your sheer brilliance. Well done.

I am not going to write about Prof Kale and the fact that he was the professor of the year because he is going to repeat this in every batch that he teaches … After all he was named in the list of top ten living business school professors !! One doesn’t argue with that and Prof Kale, we loved being argued out by you. Congratulations Prof – you are simply awesome !!

Hey, we are all just a few days away from graduating !! See you all soon. And Challa Garu ensure we get a grand party from the super-six :):)

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  1. 🙂 One person in your piece i know in flesh and blood and count as close firend happy and proud for him…. Very well written piece, the rest i don’t know from Adam, yet feel happy and nice for each one of them… Wishing all you folks all the very best in times to come…..


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