गरजते बादल बरसते नहीं

We went for a walk early in the morning today and I managed to click some amazing photographs of daybreak and some clouds.

The stunning pink/orange hue of daybreak

Krishnan said I will probably get a clear picture of the Sun as we turned towards the main gate of our condo complex but somehow I felt this colour would be missed if I didn’t click the picture right then. That’s exactly what happened because the Sunrise was for just a few minutes and dark clouds came around.

A little further out I got this stunning picture of the clouds being lit up ..

While some clouds got lit up with sunlight, very soon it became dark and misty as though it was about to rain. One more turn later I found just one bright white puff cloud in the grey sky ….looks like a snow clad mountain peak :).

Just one bright white puff cloud in the grey sky

We got back home and suddenly the sky was rumbling. I hoped for good rains because I have to clean the balcony today and I was hoping rains will give it a wash. Of all the things that we have to clean during this lockdown period, I have a problem with just one – cleaning pigeon shit. I call the pigeon as the “dirty bird” because it truly is a dirty bird that shits all over the place. All high rise buildings in India are pigeon coops – every balcony has pigeon shit. We have to find a solution for this menace and atleast in new projects, we must install pigeon nets while delivering the apartment

The dirty bird and its droppings !
The overcast sky !

Soon we could hear the sky rumbling and thunder rolling and my hopes went up. The sky darkened and I was getting ready for a good spell of rain… but I had to be reminded of the proverb that “गरजते बादल बरसते नहीं” :):)… literal translation is thunderclouds don’t produce rain. We got a few drops of rain and the Sun was out – it may very well turn out to be a hot and humid day, just the kind of day that I don’t like at all.

Bracing for cleaning the balcony and feeling sad at being cheated by the rain God.


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