Arogya Setu – a Bridge to cross the Corona River!

The Chinese Corona Virus is the most democratic new age virus – it has spread because of the travelling rich and many of the poor non-travelling citizens are paying a heavy price for it, mostly with their lives. Its a strange irony that a democratic virus was produced by a commie autocratic country like China, but then we live in strange times.

I had downloaded the Arogya Setu App as soon as it was launched as I have no problem in sharing my details and location with the government. If we can give details of every asset we own in this life and a couple of previous lives, plus a retina scan and possibly a scan of every cell in our bodies to the US embassy in return for a visa, privacy concerns are laughable !!! Yesterday I went back to the app because I heard that the Govt. is making it mandatory. I had to re-login which I did and found the app to be quite robust and information rich.

Its updated every 12 hours or so. Here’s the first screenshot of the number of cases overall in India.

Then I checked out my neighbourhood as we were discussing about the adoption of the App in our condominium’s WhatsApp group.

It shows the number of people who have registered and taken the self-assessment, plus the total number of positive cases. Infact the way Urban Clap has re-started some of its services is to show the technician’s status on Arogya Setu. Atleast some activity can restart if we were to use the App.

I checked again today morning and was happy to see a huge spike in the number of people who have registered on the App and have taken the self-assessment.

The number of positive cases has also gone up obviously, but it shows that the app is able to track real time!

I have a suggestion to make – many of the senior citizens and the poorer sections of the society do not carry a smart phone and hence cannot download the app. For instance, my mother stays with us but uses a regular phone. There should be a provision to add family members and maybe the house help, maid etc using their Aadhar details. This way nearly everyone can be covered and it would help in tracking the spread and taking preventive action. 

For all those hesitating to use the App, please get onto it and help the Govt in its efforts to defeat the Corona virus. You may not like Mr. Modi but he is the only leader who has managed to effectively slow down the spread of the virus in the second most populous country in the world, no mean feat ! Hate him, but help yourselves by downloading the Arogya Setu App.

#StaySafe #StayHome



2 thoughts on “Arogya Setu – a Bridge to cross the Corona River!”

  1. I have another suggestion

    The app indicates the number of people affected by Corona in figures, in circle of 500 meters to 10 km. Obviously it takes your location from your settings, and gives this information. Instead, if the same information, can be shown on a map around you , it can tell us where exactly the affected patients are (based on their locations), so one can be extra careful if he or she is compelled by circumstances to go to that general area where that patient resides.


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