This Day Last Year

Last year on this day I had written about गरजते बादल बरसते नहीं which basically means, the clouds that make a noise don’t bring rain showers. Well, surprisingly, for the past two days there have been dust storms and lots of humidity, but no rains.

Guess rains will be a welcome change … inside the house its 35 deg C. Just the kind of weather I don’t like :).

Last year - May 3 2020
Last year – May 3 2020. The slightly overcast sky
Last year - the rabbit cloud
Last year on this day I tried to capture the cloud that looked like a rabbit

Today we went for a short walk in the morning after three days of not stepping out of the house. We had the weekend lockdown in Haryana. While the lockdown is extended through this week, we are allowed to walk inside the complex while wearing a mask.

Krishnan and I walked a few feet apart and there were some friends who are regular walkers also doing the same.

Perched in a No Parking Zone

When human beings refuse to listen to instructions, why will birds listen ?

This Day Last year
A crow perched on a No Parking Zone sign

The crow posed for the picture without moving and it seemed almost defiant in perching over this particular sign !

Time flies and soon it will be May 3, 2022. Hopefully we are in a cooler location next year during this month. Hope – the miracle drug indeed.

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