Zero Coupon Debt

I finally learnt the fancy name for the “Marwari” loan that we took for Avoda…. Its a concept that I won’t forget. Zero coupon is a promise to pay a higher amount after a period and receive the discounted value as loan now. When we were desperate to get cash, that’s the way we got it for our business. It’s funny how am spending twice the money that we lost 15 years back to finally understand the accounting behind it !!

That’s why you should do an MBA after having some work experience. It would have been just a concept if I hadn’t used it practically. Everyday I am learning something new,or discovering what I already know or clarifying why someone did something in some way – invaluable lessons. It also is bringing back many memories … What a huge risk we took, in all innocence. If we had really known all these concepts back then, we probably would not have even taken the first step.

Now the challenge will be to continue taking risks … With full knowledge of things that could go wrong and succeeding – a much bigger thrill. 🙂

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