Thank you AB

We are so quick to dismiss any good gesture from a celebrity as a publicity stunt !!! The latest is this news about Amitabh paying off the debts of 100+ farmers in the Wardha district. Am a fan of Amitabh, I grew up watching his films. I know he is probably not the right role model for anyone and I can never understand his friendship with certain people, but I admire him for two things – his commitment to his work, he doesn’t come late, he does an outstanding job with whatever is given to him as a role, there is not one role where he has not made an effort to get it right. Second, his recovery after the ABCL debacle. Many would have folded up and slunked away … He fought back in style. This gesture of his now will be the third reason for me to admire him.

Amitabh helps pay off farmers debt

Everyday on an average 43 farmers commit suicide in our country. So far the Govt has not taken many concrete steps to stop this from happening – the reason maybe debt, but what causes the debt is many different reasons, from drought, no market for the produce, to floods, bad soil, failed crop etc etc. This is the first time someone has come forward to pay off the debts.

We should stop and say thank you, because he has probably saved a 100 lives. I know a large majority would find reasons to deride this gesture, saying he has so much more, why can’t he pay off all the farmers debts, this is just a sop, how will he take care of their livelihood, or too little too late. All I want to say to the naysayers and the critics is – you haven’t done even this much ! So stop cribbing.

Thank you Amitabh. You didn’t have to pay off the farmers debts, but you chose to do it. Thank you.

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