I always wanted to be on the other end of the phone if he was troubleshooting my computer ! He was so good on the phone. We met 11 years ago as team member and manager and today he is the first sponsor for ShikshaDaan 🙂

The word Adi means the first and Adi is the first sponsor ! We couldn’t have asked for a better beginning. We had met a few days after ShikshaDaan’s website went live to have coffee and we spoke about the possibilities that exist. We asked Aditya to publicise the website and get us in touch with people that are doing good work in this space. Infact we joked about him providing tech support over the phone on how to change our domain hosting site !! He didnt have to do troubleshooting but he booted up the ShikshaDaan engine.

Its strange how the team has come together – Prashant Bharadwaj clicks the first pictures for ShikshaDaan, Prashant Batra puts the website as his status message and Aditya Anand becomes the first sponsor. The connect is long standing and many layers deep… The layers of shared values and similar outlook towards life.

Thank you Peter, Adi and Perry !

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