Working on July 4th

Today is the first 4th of July in ten years that I went to work :):) felt very strange. It seems like yesterday when one of my colleagues at Pizza Corner spoke about his wife’s training at GECIS – we listened with fascination as to how she used an alias, how she pronounced certain words and how she worked nights ! The “Call Centre” had arrived and in less than fifteen years, India became the world’s back office. Many thousands, then Lakhs and now millions of graduates have suddenly become Americanized – July 4th, Labor day, Daylight Saving, EST, CST time zones and all the cultural training. Fascinating !

The impact is both ways – one of my American colleagues was on a cruise recently and met a Delhi girl who was surprised to know that my colleague knew about Dilli Haat and Cottage Emporium and had been to Chennai even.

Happy Independence Day to my American friends … Your forefathers created the greatest nation on Earth in modern times and showed the world what the mind of a free man can create. May both our nations prosper – one for what it was and one for what it could be.

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