It really is a small world ….

I sent the ISB brochure for 2013-14 that featured a picture of mine to my Happy Valley gang and Adeeti wrote back that she knew Arun from my batch !! Arun and Vidya were neighbours of Adeeti and Abhineet in Singapore for nearly four years.

What an amazing coincidence and life is peppered with such coincidences and interconnections..

This coincidence reminded me of several others – a girl and her friend were having fun calling random numbers and she gets connected to this guy and one thing leads to another and they are married now with an adorable little boy, a neighbour of ours. Mahesh was introduced to me by Vidya over a phone call and we have ended up becoming fast friends… Even more interesting, Bobby and Mahesh met at our place during one of Mahesh’s visits to Delhi and they became fast friends.

Some are really amazing coincidences – I met Geetu, my dearest and best friend since 1980 when we were in 7th standard and we re-met when Dinky, her daughter was in 7th standard ! My mother and my mother-in-law both have the same name, Vedavalli. One of my father-in-law’s names was the same as my dad’s – Seshadri.

So many coincidences after dad passed away – from finding the post office deposit passbook under the car’s foot mat before the buyer of the car came by, to my taking up cycling, which Appa wanted to do or even just discovering Dr. Vijaya Venkat !

I went back to Happy Valley school after twenty years in 2003, and Ms Lyngskor, our English teacher, Javed’s best friend, instantly recognised me !! Sweet coincidence.

Some bittersweet coincidences too – the day Appa had his haemorrhage, Ashok moved to Hyderabad just the day before and he had to go to Apollo to fill in all the papers so dad could get some treatment. Mohit, our boss would jokingly call us brother and sister, well, he wasnt very wrong.

The first term at ISB will start on Aug 4th, exactly four years before, dad had his haemorrhage on this day and he never spoke again, or knew who we were… I spoke to him last at about 9.30 am and four years later I will be in a classroom at that time, at a school that Appa had hoped I would do my MBA from :):)

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