Gangs of Wasseypur

On July 4th, Krishnan and I managed to go for a movie on a weekday after ages !! We watched the 7.30 pm show of Gangs of Wasseypur…. First, the self ticket collecting machine didnt work, then at the ticket counter the guy behind the counter wished the girl ahead of me “enjoy the movie” but had no such wishes for me – wrong age group I guess :):):)

We sat down and slowly the auditorium filled in. Once the movie started is when we realised there was a 6 or 7 year old child sitting behind us because she started to cry. The mother managed to pacify her for sometime…. Nothing wrong with this scene except this movie was rated “A”. It is believed that Abhimanyu knew how to break into the chakravyuha because he heard his father Arjun explain it to his mom when he was in her womb still. Even if we discount this story as mythological nonsense, there is scientific evidence that children pick up maximum knowledge and form their values by the time they are five !! This movie is brilliant for its realism and the acting of all the characters but it’s blood and gore and enough swearing to last me for a year atleast …. And sexual innuendo. A little girl of 6 or 7 was being exposed to this stuff !! Unforgivable.

The other sad thing was a bunch of youngsters laughing when messages about smoking being injurious to health was shown – sure they see nothing wrong now, but they will start croaking soon 🙁

I don’t know if I like the movie or not – am sure it’s as bad as it is shown.. It neither uplifted me, nor brought tears or laughter, nor was it inspiring – but it is brilliant for the realism.

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