Udaipur to Ahmedabad to Dwarka !

Sept 10, 2023 – Udaipur to Ahmedabad

We left Udaipur at 8.53 am for Ahmedabad. As we were planning the route, Google Map showed us (read Krishnan) two possible routes – 

1. Udaipur to Ahmedabad via Mt. Abu, Palanpur, Mehsana and Adalaj, driving through NH 27 and followed by NH 41. A distance of about 339 kms, a scenic but circuitous route adding  time and distance to reach our destination.

2. Udaipur to Ahmedbad via Rishabdev, Bichwara, Shamlaji, Himatnagar, Prantij driving through NH 48. A distance of about 264 kms which was a shorter route and would take a shorter time to reach our destination. We chose this route which also turned out to be quite scenic. This route also has several fuel stations as well as restaurants right through. 

Do watch a short video of a scenic section on this route –

We stopped at Honest Café, at Bhiloda a couple of hours before Ahmedabad. Just a short 30 minutes break, to eat some food. We ate Poha and some Fafda since we had entered Gujarat. They took the order for dhokla but came back to say they didn’t have it ready. Amma opted for dosa. This Honest Café is not very clean. Food is prepared fresh so nothing to worry on that score. 

Ahmedabad Dwarka

Reached Ahmedabad by 1.36 pm. Stayed at Fortune Select on the SG Highway. Fantastic hotel and its right on the highway, so you lose no time as you head out the next day. There is no underground parking at this hotel. Cars are parked outside the premises. 

We were back in Ahmedabad after 12 years ! Fortune Select SG Highway has excellent service, a very nice suite and really tasty food. 

Trip Stats – 

Distance – 264 kms; Total Time Taken – 5 hours (including an hour of pit stops).

Sept 11, 2023 – Ahmedabad to Dwarka

We started from Ahmedabad at 8.40 am. Here’s a view of the city of Ahmedabad as I was going up the elevator to the 8th floor. 

Ahmedabad City

On the way to Dwarka we saw several herds of cows and goats. I could recognize the famous Gir cow but there were also others as part of the herd.

Watch a short video of a herd of cows that stopped us in our tracks 😊. 

As we have decided to rotate our driving every couple of hours, particularly during these long drives, I handed off to Krishnan once we reached Limbdi, our first pit stop. If you happen to be on this route do stop at the Highway Food Mall (see pic below). The food is fantastic !! 

Highway Food Mall Limbdi Ahmedabad
Highway Food Mall at Limbdi

We ate thepla with a fiery garlic chutney. I got amazing Khandvi. There was a café selling stuff from Mumbai and we ate a vadapav which was also really good. 

Bypassed Rajkot around 1.30 pm. The one thing that was a bit unsettling for us was the road condition. Too many potholes and uneven patches. There is roadworks happening nearly on every stretch that we drove on.

Condition of the road near Rajkot

Reached Jamnagar around 3 pm. Nostalgia and special memories as I did my first year degree at DKV college in Jamnagar, 35 years back !! Now Jamnagar boasts of the world’s largest oil refinery that belongs to Reliance. The Reliance group has changed the fortunes of Jamnagar. 

Jamnagar Ahmedabad to Dwarka
Ahmedabad Jamnagar Reliance
World’s largest oil refinery – Reliance, Jamnagar

We refuelled at the Shell fuel station near GSFC Motikhavdi Sikka which is just before the Reliance SEZ. At Lalpur a freight train was crossing carrying crude or refined petroleum. After a long time we had stopped at a railway crossing as in most places there are either over bridges or under bridges for non-stop traffic flow. 

We encountered a terrible 5 km stretch of highway near Khambalia… there is no road, it’s just a dirt track and there is road construction happening now. All through the way from Jamnagar to Dwarka you will find Windmills as this area has always been windy.

Khambaliya Dwarka, on the way from Ahmedabad
Find the road !!
Dwarka, near Club Mahindra
The approach road to Club Mahindra Dwarka

Reached Club Mahindra Dwarka at 5.03 pm. Beautiful property ! And ofcourse we are in Bhagwan Krishna’s Kingdom…. Pranaam Dwarkadhish 🙏🏿.

Trip Stats –

Distance – 459 kms; Total Time – 8 hours 23 minutes (including 3 pit stops totalling 1.5 hours)

Jai Shri Krishna ! Please bless our #BharatBhraman.

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