TamilNadu – Three Policemen and a House Full of Thieves

The story of TamilNadu today is about three policemen and a house (pun intended) full of thieves !! The three policemen are Annamalai (TN State President, BJP), Governor Ravi and the recently transferred Sameer Wankhede.

I wanted to write about Annamalai but then realised this trio is actually making life miserable for the DMK and the other jokers masquerading as political “leaders” in TamilNadu. Since I wanted to write about Annamalai, I start with him.

Annamalai and TamilNadu Politics

Am sticking my neck out as I always do and requesting Mr. Annamalai, the state president of BJP TamilNadu to invite Krishnan, Amma and Me to his oath taking ceremony as Chief Minister of TN. I was the first one to predict that it will happen as soon as I read his autobiography – Stepping Beyond Khaki.

Why am I suddenly talking about him ? Well, everyday Amma listens to atleast one of his speeches and prays for his long life and success. So his name comes up every single day at home. That’s his huge impact. I had written after reading his book “This book is honest as is the author. This is a sensitive, intelligent, authentic human being trying to change the world into a better place. Annamalai is in politics with a purpose and a clean heart, so more power to him and his kind.

He has reinforced that image unlike most people who enter politics with much fanfare and a will to change status quo but just fizzle out or become part of the “system”.

The other reason to write this blog is this lovely video that surfaced recently and I got it on the Telegram channel of Dr. Gaurav Pradhan. Do watch what is probably the very first interaction of ModiJi and Annamalai.

This is how great men flock together ! Like attracts like and seeing the kind of team that PM Modi has brought together it speaks volumes about the kind of man he is. And that’s what bothers his detractors.

Anyway, back to Mr. Annamalai – he has been a Tsunami in TamilNadu politics. The Dravidian dumeels have no clue how to deal with him because he speaks the language of the masses, he doesn’t come with political baggage and comes from a really humble background.

Anyone whose name was/is Stalin should have the sense to formally change his name. It’s not a name one wants to “live” upto. Imagine having a father whose inspiration was Stalin, a man History says is several Hitlers put together. That’s CM Stalin and his son Udhayanidhi Stalin’s legacy.

When Udhayanidhi Stalin speaks about destroying Santana Dharma, he is essentially wanting to commit Matricide. Durga Stalin (CM Stalin’s wife and Udhayanidhi’s mother) walks into every single temple she can find, prays to every single God she can while her late father-in-law, her husband and now her son go around saying there is no God.

See the collage of pics below –

TamilNadu Politics
Udaynidhi Stalin lighting a lamp at his home… his mother Durga Stalin receiving Ganesha’s photo and CM Stalin and Durga Stalin celebrating their anniversary in a Hindu traditional way… this is what Udhayanidhi wants to finish off !

Mr. Annamalai is a whiff of fresh air in the stale corridors of TamilNadu’s political corridor. He calls the Dravidian Dumeels’ bluff every single time and in style. Late Karunanidhi was a shrewd politician… his son and grandson unfortunately are competing with Pappu in IQ.

CM Stalin and his team of Dumeels walked into Annamalai’s high-priced-watch controversy and thrashed about like a fish with a hook in its head. Gory bloodbath. The DMK files were a classic “flushing out” operation. Annamalai’s Padayatra is ensuring toilets built under Modiji’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan are in use constantly. I can go on … but I have to speak about Gov Ravi and Sameer Wankhede as well.

Three Policemen Converge in TamilNadu

Do read this short note that Dr. Gaurav Pradhan had posted on his Telegram Channel –

“SAMEER WANKHEDE wins ₹25Cr Bribery case involving Hakla Khan’s son.

Central Administrative Tribunal has stated in their order that Gyaneshwar Singh was not part of the Special Enquiry Team set up as HE WAS THE ONE, who instructed him in the Cordelia drug case involving Aryan Khan. That means, his testimony won’t be considered.

IPS Gyaneshwar Singh was the one who had given Testimony against Sameer Wankhede accusing him of changing the course of investigation at the last moment to Frame Jr Queen Khan.”

At that time, many of us thought that Modiji should have protected Sameer Wankhede, but he let the law take its course. Sameer Wankhede got transferred to TamilNadu in May 2022. Annamalai entered politics formally in 2021. Governor Ravi took charge in Sept 2021. Mr. Stalin became CM of TamilNadu in 2021.

Three policemen and a house full of thieves !!

See some of the things Sameer Wankhede has been upto –

TamilNadu Politics
TamilNadu Politics

Almost a year back Sree Iyer spoke of this trio and what it means for TamilNadu politics. Do listen.

Governor Ravi has been a thorn in the Dravidian dumeels’ feet ever since he assumed office … have captured some of the headlines from TOI and ANI for the readers to get an idea.

TamilNadu Politics
TamilNadu Politics
TamilNadu Politics
TamilNadu Politics

For people who love Bharat and its state of TamilNadu.. this is a great time to be alive. We are witnessing the return of the Thiru Kamarajar style politics. Capable, people centric and ethical politicians being led by a capable, people centric and ethical leader like Annamalai speaks of a golden period ahead.

Dravidian dumeels and their divisive corrupt politics will soon be history…

JaiHind. வாழ்க தமிழகம்

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