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  1. How sad. I’ve started reading the 20th anniversary edition (published 1991) of “Diet for a Small Planet,” by Frances Moore Lappe and will probably do a blog review when finished. She is committed to alleviating world hunger, and your post confirms what she says. That is, that there is plenty of food to go around, but that 2/3 of US grain exports, and a majority of domestic grain goes to feed livestock.

    While she is not a total vegetarian, she does say that the US’ meat-centered diet is out of balance and provides way more protein than the body needs. This edition was published before the US passed its ethanol mandate. If she resented that so much grain goes to feed livestock, she must be livid that so much is now being used to feed cars.

    • Katharine, our priorities are warped. In the last 200 years, with all the technological advances, we have just not managed to eradicate hunger ! There are stockpiles of arms and ammunition but no stockpiles of food grain to feed hungry people. 85 people on planet Earth have as much wealth as 3.5 billion (50% of the world population) of the poor…. I don’t like the Robinhood metaphor or the communist ideology and I certainly don’t want to give money free but something is terribly wrong with the world when the inequality is that stark …. Can’t the really rich atleast run free kitchens to feed the hungry ? We can tackle poverty on the next level.


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