Arvind Kejriwal – शर्म करो

Arvind Kejriwal, you just stepped on a landmine…. And I pray it harmlessly blows you out of our collective conscience. India needs to be rid of you. All this while I felt we had to have voices such as yours to keep the social discourse balanced, but with this latest tweet, you just crossed the line. 

Who are you, Arvind Kejriwal ? You can issue threats, you can brand everyone as corrupt, you can hold the Prime Minister of this country responsible for your constipation – and what is your contribution to the Aam Aadmi and Aam Aurat of Delhi who made the colossal mistake of voting you into power ???

You are sick in your mind, get treated for mental illness before fixing that cough. You are a Pygmy in contribution and you posture as the Messiah – you make an empty airhead (read heir head) look smarter. And since when did you become the pontiff of all things that are right in our country – you lost every right to speak for the right, with that hug of the century with Lalu Yadav, the synonym of corruption. You go to Hyderabad to support Rohith Vemula, another “innocent” student by your standards who wished for more Yakub Memons to be created. Do you even remember what Yakub Memon did ? He helped with logistics – found the best places to place the bombs in Mumbai, for killing the most number of people. And your dear “innocent” student wanted more of his kind and by extending your sympathies to him, aren’t you supporting that thought ? Or it doesn’t occur to you, because the bloated egoistic nerve in your head is putting enormous pressure on the gland that makes you human ? 

Now this “innocent” tweet of yours about the “innocent” students of the “innocent” JNU – how did you decide that the students are innocent ? Do you have the recording of their slogans two days back ? Or it’s another of your pulpit announcements – students innocent, Modi culprit, because “I, the Messiah” say so. …. Most Messiahs were hanged or cut into pieces, these are the real ones. Fake messiahs usually end up in jail or on the wrong side of a bullet. Humanity likes to wallow in their small dirty cess pit, they don’t like the light that Messiahs throw on the cess pit. Anyway, let me share some data about your “innocent” students – they shouted slogans wishing destruction of India, and in case you forgot, Delhi, the union territory that you are the Chief Minister for is the capital of India and accidentally, you were born in the Indian territory so these “innocent” students wanted to destroy your country of birth…. And that is called “sedition” in most democratic countries and India is sadly a democratic country. Sad for us, because it allows people like you to offer support people to “innocent” students who want to destroy the country. Just imagine if Karma had landed you in Pakistan …. You along with your “innocent” students would be in jail like the poor sod who is Virat Kohli’s fan. 

Goodbye Arvind Kejriwal, my prayers will be that you are gone from India’s social conscience as a bad dream, because you represent all that is wrong in our country. I love my country as do millions of Indians, and we don’t wish any harm even to our worst enemies, so how can we wish you, a fellow Indian any harm. But I will pray that you are harmlessly removed from our collective conscience so that you can do no further harm. Jai Hind, and spare a thought to the 10 “innocent” and patriotic Indian soldiers who died in Siachen, defending you, and the “innocent” students, who wanted to destroy their motherland. Arvind Kejriwal, धर्म ना करो, शर्म तो करो.

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  1. Bindu-ji, What a disappointment it has been! He captured India’s imagination by being Anna Hazare’s patriotic supporter: the member of the Establishment, who dared to question. As it turned out, he had only questions, not the answers that Indians were looking for. (We have had conversations in this very forum about that). He’s no different from any other self-seeking politician and his ‘patriotism’ was a good stage performance while it lasted. But he has done terrible damage to the trust of the Indian voter. Now that is distinctly unpatriotic!


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