The value of Rs. 10

Earlier this week, Krishnan and I were riding with our fellow cycling friend Anand Sinha and we stopped at a place for the customary tea … This was really early in the morning and the tea shop owner was brushing his teeth and so was his wife.

We wanted tea urgently, and the wife slowly took out a couple of Rs. 10 notes and after a slight hesitation handed one over to her husband to get milk for the tea. It was a touching scene in that, there were ten ideas flitting through her head as she gave the 10 bucks – will I manage to recover the cost and make it 20 bucks, the milk should not get spoilt, there is no way to store the milk in the open etc etc.

For most of us, 10 bucks don’t matter, but there are many people out there who have to ensure they survive a day using that 10 bucks and earn some profit. Ten bucks is their capital, total holdings and the difference between making another 10 for tomorrow or not 🙁

Think of this lady taking decisions in a board room !! She probably can weigh more options in a split second than most others would over hours.

No, we chose to drink tea at the next place since they hadn’t even lit the stove. Her hesitation was well founded 🙂

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