President pained

President Pratibha Patil has decided not to retire in Pune !! The army land will not be used to build her a palatial retirement home. Times Now rightfully believes its because of public pressure …

Her OSD has mentioned that President Patil was pained by the media glare. I would like to apologize to her for the pain caused by the media glare on her retirement home.

I wrote earlier about the threshold of “enough” being different for different people. In the same manner, the threshold for pain is also different. Our dear President seems to have a low pain threshold…. The general Indian public has a really high pain threshold. We are not yet pained by Rs. 205 crores spent by Madam President on her travels abroad, we are not yet pained by nothing coming off these trips except our dear Madam President’s knowledge growing, we are not yet pained that a non-entity with a famous surname whose voice no one has heard is being foisted upon us as the next big thing, we are not at all pained by 43 farmers committing suicide every single day, we are not pained by the financial capital of this country getting flooded every monsoon season, we are least pained about the royal treatment a killer caught in the act is enjoying in our prison, we are not pained by a brilliant economist being reduced to a mere puppet, we are certainly not pained by the fact that not a single corrupt man/woman has been made to return a single rupee they swindled, we are just not pained !!

Supermen and Superwomen of India, keep up your threshold of pain, but remember our President’s pain threshold is low. She can’t deal with the media glare. Apologise Arnab, right now !

3 thoughts on “President pained”

  1. Very well presented….in deed it is a rare instance when the President has demonstrated some level of sensitivity to the public outrage on her land acquisition issue. Good…

  2. Oooooh…such searing pain….maybe Madam President needs to exit the kitchen since she can’t stand the heat…or was it pain…whatever.
    I share your pain India.


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