Baubles for the Goddess

Diamond crown for the Goddess

I called my friend Hareesh in the US for his birthday and he told me about this article in The Hindu – a rich business man has donated a diamond studded crown for the Goddess at Tiruchanur. I usually do not follow any news because all newspapers have nothing newsworthy 🙁 they just disturb my peace of mind.

Hareesh and I got talking about what makes people donate to a temple but not to feed the hungry or educate a child ??

Going by Montek Singh Ahluwalia’s poverty line formula of an Indian needing just Rs. 28/- to survive a day, this man could have helped 2,44,827 people to survive one day above the poverty line. The crown cost Rs. 71,00,000 and I divided it by 29 🙂 but the point is, The Hindu would not have published that story ! So his friends and the society at large would never know what a great man he is.

May the Goddess bless him but I doubt if she will – God cannot be interested in baubles, that’s for her children and EVERY SINGLE “THING” we own or give is a bauble.

God cares Only for what we do, think and feel …. Those need to be right. What the rich forget is they can never be richer than the creator ! And wealth can only be burnt on the pyre when you die, can’t be taken with you.

Hareesh – be patient 🙂 someday this man too shall grow up. Till then he thinks giving a stone to the Goddess makes him a good boy.

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