The Secret

Krishnan worked out of Bangalore for two years and I would go over every weekend .. Ofcourse my benevolent organisation allowed me to work from the Bangalore office for a week in the month. I always booked the window seat on Jet Airways and carried a book to read. On one trip an elegant gentleman sat in the middle seat and as I came across to sit on the window seat, he asked me whether I was in the civil services 🙂 I told him no and wondered why he thought so.. He just felt my bearing was such. I also told him he was the second person in my life to ask me that question and that I ran far away from anything to do with the Govt.

We continued to talk about many things, he was married for a long time and had chosen not to have children like us and was interested in Osho, Carnatic music, yoga … And then we spoke of my name. I told him Appa had named me Bindumalini because Balamurali Krishna had created the raaga named Bindumalini the year I was born and guess what, he had been in the concert where Dr. Balamurali Krishna sang this raaga for the first time :):)

He then told me about this book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne asking me to read it.

We exchanged cards and went our separate ways !

A month later Krishnan and I were at the Forum Mall and went to Landmark, the book store and as soon as we entered, we saw the new books section had piles of “The Secret” !! Infact there was a Korean gentleman who was looking for the book and I pointed it out to him as well.

I loved the book and gifted it to many people … The Secret is so true, the Universe does bring all things you aspire for 🙂 go ahead and dream ! And thank you Sir for suggesting the book.

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