Happy Birthday Love !

For many of us, on our birthdays just our friends, parents, brothers, co-workers and relatives would wish.. But there are some of us for whom God sends special wishes. Tirupati Venkatachalapati specially sent his Laddu twice through two different friends just before Krishnan’s birthday !! Hmm even God is biased towards this man – but it’s difficult not to be 🙂 My mom, who got me a 10 rupee small bar of chocolate for my birthday, got the biggest bar for Krishnan. Even she is biased !

I am the most biased towards Krishnan… Have been that way for many lives and in this edition of our lives, from the first time I saw him across a table in a training program twenty two years back, there is no one I am more biased towards, than him. My most favorite birthday of Krishnan’s remains the birthday of his after we met in 1990… I was in Vizag and Krishnan was in Chennai. All plans for him to come over to Vizag had been made, but three days before May 16, the entire coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh was in the grip of a thunderstorm, heavy rains, floods and all trains and flights had been canceled. Krishnan called me on May 13 and said he won’t be able to come to Vizag on 15th. I started to cry and my colleague spoke to him and said, please try and come, Bindu is so upset !

I went to take my class as always on May 15th and around 2.30 in the afternoon, the security guard came and said someone has come to meet me. I walk out of the office and see Krishnan outside the gate !! This man, had taken the first train that moved out of Chennai, sat in an unreserved seat till Vijayawada, then took another train and stood in the cargo compartment till Rajahmundry and then tried taking a bus to Vizag, which broke down, managed to share a cab with three other guys who were going to Vizag and reached on 15th as planned …. May 15, 1990 remains the most favourite day of my life and May 16, 1990 my most favourite birthday of Krishnan’s.

Thank you love, for your love, friendship and above all, compassion. You are the centre of my universe and you make my life worth living. Many many many happy returns of the day !!

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