Leela of life !


Krishnan found this poster on pinterest and I have read it almost everyday since he found it. I feel like adding more things to this – we are an amazing species… we complicate everything !

We first create plastic and then kill the earth with “plasticfills”, we then find ways to reuse plastic and then create further issues. Then we create gradations of plastic, do research, find ways to lay roads using plastic, then bring rules against the use of plastic bags, ask people to go green and use cloth bags that can be reused.

We create automobiles that help us go places, and kill each other to get the fuel.. And now go to war, because the fossil fuels are drying up. Ofcourse we kill each other and ourselves since we drive without rules or too fast, we have traffic rules, rules on wearing seat belts, children safety seats, pollution checks…. Maintenance, resale value, depreciation, vintage cars, rallies, high speed crashes, new icons, a whole industry…

And food – what we found edible we ate, but then we discovered fire and started to cook things – in our head and what we put in our mouths ! We created a range of cutlery and stopped using the tools (our fingers) we are born with and again created a bunch of rules, which fork for what, master chef, service from the left, right, different glasses for different drinks, dozen different plates, thousands of delicacies (thank God) and from eating to live we started living to eat ….

Then our classic health … First you overeat, then get obsessive with the weighing machine, pay money to different gyms, health clubs, dieticians, healers, do past life regression, joke, envy an inch loss, count calories, refuse sweets, go bulimic, size zero (sign of a retarded mind), Botox, silicone, augment, bariatric surgery…phew !

Life is so simple – there is plenty of food to go around if we just ate when we were hungry, there is plenty of fresh air if we walk mostly, we became bi-ped and stood erect and differentiated ourselves, right ?, there is so much to see and learn … There is so much to laugh about and cry as well.. The drama of life is so engrossing yet so simple – if only we learn to go with the flow… Accept, forgive, forget, laugh and don’t stop being playful – life is “Leela”.

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