The Seasonal Flu

After a week am back at my desk !! If I miss writing a blog everyday, it’s mostly because am sick or we are travelling. The last couple of months have been very erratic because the last leg of our three month travel was very hectic and once we got back, it took me nearly 10 days to get the house back in order. Before we could surface from the travel and resetting the house, the seasonal flu hit :).

On the 21st (last Tuesday), when the Earthquake happened, Amma, Krishnan and I went down to the park. Amma was fast asleep and we had just started to sleep when the Earth quaked. It lasted for quite some time so we decided to get down. Usually, we enjoy the spectacle standing on the balcony, not because we aren’t afraid, but because we feel there is very little one can do against an Earthquake. Since we live on the 12th floor, it’s also not easy getting down the stairs. The air was nippy and we were in our night clothes. My throat started itching right away …

The weather has been strange for the past week – unseasonal rains, temperatures cooling, somedays it was sweltering heat…. the transition from winter to spring seems to be taking forever. With all the unseasonal weather events, the seasonal flu is having a ball.

Krishnan pipped us to the post – he got the flu first, I came in second and Amma brought up the rear. That almost is the sequence of our family boarding any flight :):):). Krishnan likes to get onto the first bus, and be the first passenger to board. Am ok as long as I get onto the flight and my mother would ideally prefer not to be travelling at all :).

This seasonal flu brings fever for a day, sore throat that ends up being either a dry cough or a racking cough that goes on for nearly a week. Some may also have headaches, cramps and body ache as add ons. Please make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated because it just leaves one feeling wilted and totally tired.

Our neighbourhood lab representative asked us if we would like to take the vaccine for this flu and we refused. Never knew that India has also contracted the American madness of “flu shots”. The body creates its own flu shot if we let it. And do remember, all the flu shots couldn’t prevent Covid from happening….

Anyway, we are all in different stages of recovering from the flu …. and I hope to be back to writing regularly as before.

Do listen to the Dhanvantari Vandana for the whole world to stay healthy and safe.

Stay safe and stay healthy folks !

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