Always listen to good advice :):)

On 29th April, the skies were clear in Dalhousie and no sign of rains … It had rained the previous day evening so we thought it won’t rain the next day when we were to leave Dalhousie for Joginder Nagar. But, we still got things packed and took help from the Hotel’s coolies to load the car. 

Well on 30th morning, it rained :). We were not worried since we had just a few things to carry and because the car was loaded already we were able to leave at 9 am as planned. The idea of loading the car the previous evening was Krishnan’s and I must publicly admit – he usually gives good advice and I very often don’t take it :):):):). Krishnan plans ahead always and tries to do things well in advance. I do plan as well and do things in advance but just how much in advance differs between us. 

Like today, the car is refuelled and loaded again, as we have to leave early tomorrow morning. During the March road trip we made the mistake of carrying one large suitcase with all our clothes and it was really heavy and unwieldy. This time, we have packed smaller suitcases, and kept a standard place for things, so our packing and unpacking is really quick. Now, this is good advice from me :). Am the packing expert in the family. 

“Be Proactive” is the first habit in Stephen Covey’s book “Seven Habits of Effective People”. And it’s the first one for a reason. Once you have a good plan, and do things in advance, you have enough time to “respond” to any new situation. Just imagine, if we hadn’t loaded the car on the 29th evening … We would have gotten late leaving from Dalhousie and would have reached the Central University at Shahpur late for our session with the MBA students and subsequently got late to reach Joginder Nagar. The cascading effect would have been not so positive. 

Take good advice when you get it… Because you can’t make all the mistakes and learn from experience – it will take a long time to commit all the mistakes and several lives. So it helps to learn from other people’s mistakes !! I can see Krishnan rolling on the floor and laughing as he reads this blogpost, as I generally don’t listen to good advice from him :):):)

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