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The relationship between sugar and carbs: what you need to know.
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Krishnan and I gave up on white sugar since 2018, or so we thought :). We only stopped adding sugar to our coffee and tea and naively assumed that we have given up on sugar. Our day started with coffee or tea and a couple of Britannia cream cracker biscuit or Marie biscuit. Then some days we would eat bread for breakfast. Some other days we would eat actual sweets – telling ourselves that it’s just a one off thing. White sugar is hidden in everything. It’s hidden in bread, biscuits, jams, pickles, chutneys… nearly everything that comes out of a box has sugar. Even your favourite milk powder has sugar in it. If it’s sugar free then it has the even more harmful sugar substitute.

Am sure many others are making the same mistake, like us, assuming that if they don’t use white sugar in tea or coffee then they have given up on it.

For the past two months for the first time in our lives we have actually stopped eating white sugar. We have stopped eating biscuits, bread and any store bought snack. It’s really tough !!! The benefits are slowly showing up – lesser fatigue, better quality sleep, blood sugar relatively under control, less irritable, etc etc.

Do read the above article to understand this some more.

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