I know many of you are wondering what the title means..

I have three people in my life without whom I probably will not be able to spring the surprises I do or even complete regular work many times. This blog is both a tribute and complaint about these three people. The first one to be named Fub manages to get my degree certificate that even I had given up on, gets credit cards delivered, got video conferences going even when there was no connectivity, ate up all the food that my mother sent for me and finally Amma started packing a separate box for her, got cake and flowers and dinners organized at the last minute, found me tutors for accounting and also managed my calendar for a while… Dear Jo, thanks for all of the above, but I have a few complaints. You got named the “follow-up bug” because you irritated me with the list of things I had to get done, the bills I had to submit and even used your connection with Krishnan to follow-up with me. And you never handed over to Fub Sr. Most the Maggi process appropriately 🙁 and you forgot to send the book to Venki… also lunch on Tuesday … Hmm what an original excuse you came up with that the delivery boy got caught by police !! Poor Narinder also got lunch only at 330 in the bargain. Ofcourse you got lucky today with the middle seat situation. :):)

Now onto the Fub Sr. … Krishnan, you are the original follow-up bug so you got the seniority over Jo. I love you and cannot live without you, but can you ease off a bit on the follow-up ? :):):) can’t share all that Krishnan follows-up on, but I miss doing some things just to bug him… Actually if I have a semblance of order in my work life, all credit goes to Krishnan for getting me organized. My sun sign does not allow me to be organized and I love chaos. I don’t like being disciplined or under control. Difficult lessons but can’t accomplish much without them.

The third follow-up bug didn’t get the message in the interview that I am a pain to work with and I didn’t realise what I was getting into. My Fub Sr Most, Bala, follows up on everything :(:( did I wake up, did I get the cab, did I take the call, bring this bill, bring that cheque, oh it’s very tough to get away from her and that’s why she is senior even to Krishnan. Just because I forgot one call with the CEO (yes career limiting, but I got lucky), she follows up on every call now. She also manages to organize theatre classes for a dear friend’s birthday, manages to organize lunch for an anniversary, manages my calendar and moves meetings around to get me some free time, helps out other teams with their work and so many other things. She just doesn’t get me Maggi and forgets her phone and doesn’t understand the distance between the two offices in Gurgaon. Jo, please follow up with Bala.

Everyone who is reading this, please don’t feel sorry for me, I do give back in full measure for all the follow ups the three people do with lots of “gyan” and I escape their clutches every now and then. Also I have a better memory than Jo and Bala, not Krishnan, so I do remember most of the stuff.

Jo and Bala – jokes apart, you both make my work life so easy, and help me get so much more done than what I could do alone. Thank you also for doing stuff that is crazy and last minute and putting up with all my idiosyncrasies. :):) ok mood swings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Krishnan – you just have to continue doing your follow ups, you signed up for it when you married me :):):) and you will be paid with all the love in my heart.

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