The (in)Edible Oils

Hemanth Kulkarni Ji sent this on the Living Without Medicine group and I felt it should be shared with as many people as possible. The “refined” oils that we consume are at the root of several lifestyle diseases that we all face. The refined oils are termed as edible oils but they are in fact IN-EDIBLE.

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog – Product Review – The Rise of the Bull !, we have completely switched to cold press indigenous oils like Sesame, Coconut and Groundnut oil. We don’t buy any packaged “refined” oil at all. We do sense a positive shift in our digestion and overall health.

Do read the article by Ayur Arogyam below –

Why should we refrain from refined edible oils:

  • Major factor of cardiovascular risk is caused by refined oils
  • Study found,Even rats which were constantly fed food made out of refined oils have shown symptoms of hypertension & ischemic heart causing cardiovascular disability

Traditional Indian consumed oils made from locally available seeds like sesame, gingelly, groundnut and coconut oil. The dynamics of edible oil industry got disrupted after we adopted mass production / import of refined oils at lower cost to our wallet( costing our heart health)

Oils are essential dietary fat which were implicitly included In our food culture. Age old days, Oils were extracted at home and given the complexity of extraction it was used mindfully. Oils are excellent supplement if we know how much is too much.

Refined oils are a trade ploy to make you sick or reduce your life span early due to high chemical treatment and food processing

Refined oils are gateway for

  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Abnormal cholesterol/ Lipid profile
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Cardio vascular risk / disability

Refined oil mafia are quite influential to fund a favourable study that refined oils a.k.a healthy oils were meant to do good to your than trad cold pressed oils. As health is subjective to individual so are oils subjective to the region a person lived in (Tropical bio diversity).

Oil’s purpose is dietary fat supplement but it has got lost in it modern refining process

  • why it has to be refined, is for the byproducts, longer shelf-life

Edible oils refinery generates

  • Soapstock
  • Acid oil and fatty acid distillates (for producing biodiesel)

Why are you flooded with cheap refined oils ? The picture below is worth millions of healthy hearts. If you cannot control your lifestyle atleast judiciously choose and use your cooking oil. Your genetic lipid nutrition history may look for the tropical seed oil which your ancestors and family were using for generations.

Use the type of Oils that work for your heart health!

~ Ayur Arogyam

The process of making refined oils

Palm Oil and Snacks 🙁

It was with a sinking heart that I watched Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar announce that India will increase its Palm Oil production. I totally get the point that we want to be self reliant in the space of edible oils and Palm oil is the most inexpensive edible oil that is available. Currently India is the top importer of Palm oil and every big snack maker (Haldirams, Bikanerwala etc) uses Palm oil as the shelf life is better !

Edible Palm oil

This is a decision that has to be reversed and soon :(:(. We need to be Vocal for Local in edible oils as well.

Do read this well researched but rather disturbing blog – WHICH FRIED SNACK BRAND USES THE WORST OIL?. While Palm oil is a native for African countries, its refined version is terrible for health.

Please stick to your local seed oil, especially when India has such amazing oils like Sesame, Coconut, Mustard and Groundnut oils… all of them are healthier options than Palm oil and the other refined oils.

#HealthIsWealth #VocalForLocal

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