Smart Camps – for the greatest Army in the world !

I saw this news article on the Times of India app and immediately saved a screenshot.

Smart Camps

Atlast after nearly 70 years, heated Smart Camps have been setup for the Indian Army, at Ladakh!

Please don’t thank the Modi Govt, this was conceived during Mr. Nehru’s time, then his daughter mulled over it, his grandson said “hum dekhenge”… his grand-daughter-in-law was figuring out where to put these heated tents when suddenly this upstart from Gujarat became the Prime Minister in 2014 :):):).

Its really slow progress Mr. Modi !! How could you deliver anything within six years ?

Jokes apart, its truly inhuman conditions in which our soldiers stand guard. The work done on improving the border infrastructure is truly commendable. Whether we acknowledge the work or not, our enemies are acknowledging it by getting jittery ! China’s favourite ploy of occupying territory and then declaring it a disputed territory has been effectively nullified. The Galwan clash and the fear instilled by our “Ghatak” forces is unprecedented.

First the Rafale Jets, then the World’s Longest Motorable Tunnel and now these heated smart camps – love the additions.

As an armchair supporter of the Indian armed forces, I feel the Indian Army for the first time is totally free to do what it does best – defend our nation, without any politician calling the shots. The armed forces are also getting modern and much needed equipment and infrastructure. The greatest armed forces in the world, are becoming even more invincible.

Thank you to my brothers and (soon) sisters for keeping me safe and cosy inside the warmth of my house… I send a prayer for you every single day and strive to be worthy of your sacrifice.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena.

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