The Bill Gates We Don’t Know :(

I joined the programming world in 1989. I learnt COBOL and dBase … and something called Disk Operating System. I heard of Microsoft obviously and the “great” Bill Gates. Over the years my programming didn’t take off, but computers and Microsoft’s Operating System became ubiquitous.

We still use MS-Office, so everyday we end up using a Microsoft product. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft went on to become the richest man in the world. Then in 2000, 11 years after I heard of MS-DOS, Bill Gates went on to becoming the biggest philanthropist by setting up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The rumor mills worked overtime about how the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation was actually a way to de-populate the world using vaccines. I didn’t take any of that seriously. I was still naive and believed that no one does charity on such a large scale just to de-populate the world. The advent of social media and the internet in a big way actually led to more information exchange and also more “rumor” exchange.

The thin line between lies and truth got even thinner !

Bill Gates and the World of Vaccines

When I did my MBA in 2013, one of the rumours got confirmed – the fact that Bill Gates was heavily invested into vaccine companies and vaccine research. He was making more money through his investments in the vaccine companies than Microsoft. While the UPA government was ruling over India (benevolent autocracy of the Gandhi parivar), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were on both sides of the table – they were part of the team making the policy on vaccine programs and they were also the benevolent foundation bringing the vaccines to India. Conflict of interest? No totally in everybody’s interest.

Really convenient for Mr. Gates, but an inconvenient truth. Mr. Modi’s government asked Mr. Gates to choose either side :):). Part of the angst against Mr. Modi. Bill Gates went onto praising all the efforts of the Modi govt till recently ….

The world woke up to the nightmare called the Wuhan Virus Pandemic. Its a bad dream that seems to come in waves and refuses to die down. Mr. Gates suddenly didn’t want India to be producing vaccines ….. ever wondered why ? The following two cartoons by Ben Garrison may be pointing to the reason –

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Pfizer, Wuhan Labs and the Gates connection

Do read this delightful article by Reuters when you have some time – Fact check: The COVID-19 pandemic was not orchestrated by pharmaceutical companies, investment groups and philanthropists.

Its getting to the truth and facts by twisting lies and rumours. Truly delightful writing !!

Some classic admissions in the article above –

Vanguard has invested in the Wuhan Lab …. George Soros, the other star philanthropist who meddles in Indian politics has considerable shareholding in Vanguard.

Bill Gates

I was just laughing my head out when I read this fact check article by Reuters. The connections are so apparent that its funny. Its sad too that a respected media house like Reuters expects the readers to be stupid.

Well if you want to know some more about the Bill Gates you don’t know, read this twitter thread – The open secret in Microsoft.

While on the Vaccines – please get the Made in India Covaxin or Covishield. They are safe, effective and don’t fund poor Mr. Gates !!

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