Wuhan Virus Pandemic – a Bio-War ?

I received this on WhatsApp but I have been following Dr. Gaurav Pradhan over Twitter and FB for a quite some time now. His predictions and insights are usually spot on. I don’t know where he gets his information from but its good information ! He thinks the pandemic is a Bio-war. His article elaborates on it.

Is the Wuhan Virus pandemic, a Bio-War?

As recd in another group over Pfizer lobby & conspiracy :

Chronology of Third-wave & the ruthless Pharma Lobby lead by Pflzer

Imagine if Indian data reveals that diabetic patients are prone to a certain variety of strains.. the next wave will hit only diabetic patients… and the biowar continues

Criminal part is, now Covid is going to hit children, how come it is possible unless the ‘creator’ has the access to the medical data of children? WHO is also playing its part in leaking valuable data to the creators

Have you heard before that a virus mutant will systematically target first old age people, then adults and at the end children?

As I, Gaurav Pradhan wrote in March 2020 on my blog post, Sooner or later, world will know that the virus is highly customized according to the medical data of the country and we are in middle of Biowar by China to control world market and trade

So let’s understand the Chronology of Pharma Third wave with circumstantial evidence, facts and its impact on India, A research by Gaurav Pradhan

  1. The family started backing Pflzer openly along with its associates in social media and MSM
  2. A news float in Social Media and MSM that there would be Thrid wave which will put children at risk
  3. In two weeks, CDC, Center of Disease Control under Biden approves vaccination of kids from May 13/14, 2021
  4. As soon as CDC approves, Pfizer rolls out vaccination the very next day all over US
  5. No trial data is ever shared in public. No one knows when, how and where it was developed
  6. Pfizer facing criminal charges in Israel and many European nations have banned it
  7. Remember GOI refused Pflzer vaccine and put 2 key conditions for permission. First is no immunity with law and second local trials. Pflzer refused
  8. Now remember, India has appox 40Cr children under 18 years. With Rs 3000 Pflzer per kid, the minimum business for Pflzer is appox 12000+ Cr. If conservative 20% margin is taken for the family, it is Rs 2400 Cr
  9. Suddenly posters in India popped backed by family up says “Modi why you shipped our children vaccine overseas”. While there is NO kids vaccine manufactured in India as yet
  10. Bharat Biotech applies for Phase II and III trial of Kids vaccine
  11. A PIL is filed in court to stop Bharat Biotech to stop trial for kids vaccine !
  12. Like 2nd wave which popped from Maharashtra, another congress state Rajasthan reports kids infected
  13. If you watch Dr KK Agarwal sir video, he said kids are not a worry as they have best immune system and just need to be treated for symptoms. They will be fine with their Anti Bodies
  14. Dr KK Agarwal dies of Corona
  15. US Admin report that it has huge surplus of vaccine
  16. Delhi Govt another Congress backed Parasites Dy CM ask GOI to talk to Moderna and Pflzer
  17. Moderna and Pflzer refuse to supply vaccine to state and said that they will deal only with government of India
  18. So the onus is now on GOI. Effort is to put pressure on GOI to allow Pflzer without trials and with legal immunity. Tomorrow if anything goes wrong with Pflzer which will happen, Pflzer is legally protected and their main agent in India, The family makes money
  19. So by refusing to supply to states, Pflzer lobby has very smartly made GOI responsible for everything
  20. If you remember my old post on Covid, you will recall Pfizer’s direct relationship with Lab in China and Chinese run Biden Admin
  21. If I recall Dr KK Agarwal sir video, he clearly said KIDS are less prone as they have a solid build in immunity to these virus. Means if basic Ayurveda treatment is given, they are fine. Ayurveda treatment means straight massive loss to Pharma Lobby including Hospitals. Hence Ramdev controversy started out of no where
  22. Shahid Jameel, the one kicked out by Modi Govt and other 800 doctors around the world wrote to GOI to give the access to medical data of covid patients. why?

Every developed country is spending millions of dollars to protect the medical data. They are working round the clock to prevent the reverse AI applications to gain any access to the medical data of the country. why?

Because, in biowar medical data is vital to customize the virus according to the country.

Now connect all the dots and the picture which emerges is a criminal nexus of The Family, Its parasites in various government and media with Global Pharma Lobby lead by Pflzer

This is the story and let that sink in

We are in the middle of Bio War and we have to win.

Afterword …

Phew !! That’s a lot to digest but we do need to think about this angle too because it could very well be true. The only country with a market size to rival China is India. We are a country of young people unlike China. China has lost face due to the Wuhan virus …. And the current Chinese government led by Xi Jinping wants to be a hegemony. India stands in the way.

For the same reasons, India developing Covaxin on its own and GoI not reaching out with a begging bowl but actually pushing back, has put a huge dent on Pfizer’s hopes of making a huge sale. The Pharma mafia anyway doesn’t like India… remember Cipla and the HIV AIDS medicine?

If indeed it is Bio-war, we can still win it. We have the WMD – Washing, Masking, Keeping Distance and the natural immunity to deal with it. So get armed and lets beat back the Wuhan Virus.


Do visit and read Dr. Gaurav Pradhan’s blogs at http://drgpradhan.blogspot.com.

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