The 7th decade

She is the 13th child in a family of 18, and 9th in the eleven that survived and she turns 70 today…. The youngest daughter and one of the prettiest, a movie buff who created a ruckus if the movie moved to another town without her seeing it, indulgent parents, a great childhood and then a late marriage. My beautiful mother has had an interesting life, and she has remained innocent and created a world around herself. Yes, there are some strong beliefs that she has and I fight with her many days … But Mom is meant to be fought with. She loves the color green and nearly all her sarees are some shade of green :), loves sesame oil, loves to cook and both of us have separate space in our stomachs for tea.

As she turns 70, I wish her peace and happiness, progress along her personal actualisation and learnings from this life, ofcourse good health and I really wish she enjoys every day. Here’s what I wrote last week A special love.

A photo blog to celebrate Vedavalli’s special day –

The Varadaraja Perumal temple in Tirunelveli. Amma’s house was three houses away. My grandparents would just step out of the house and see the Aarti everyday 🙂


The doctor who delivered me … There was much drama that day and this is in Tirunelveli where the doctor lives still. Year is 2007 .. 38 years after that day.


Amma and Appa during the Sikkim trip in 2006


Amma and Appa during the Egypt trip in 2004


Some assorted pictures of Mom with flowers… She loves flowers and it’s an effort to keep her from plucking them :):)



Her favorite God is Hanuman and this is at Hampi, at Hanuman’s birthplace –


In her pretty Naga shawl –


All four of us


Mom and I


Happy birthday Amma ….

Wishes from my step-brother Kabir !


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  1. Beautiful pictures…… Wishing her Sunshine, Good health and Happiness always.
    btw, you should tell her she looks great in all colors 🙂


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