Thank You RECA, our Condominium Board

These are really difficult times for all of us. Everyone is struggling to deal with the Chinese Virus. We live in a condominium, and our Association board has managed this pandemic really well.

Our condominium complex –

Spread over an area of 17 acres, there are 900 plus apartments in our condominium. Nearly three thousand residents live in our condominium. More than a thousand people come in as maids and domestic help every day. There are at least a 1000 cars. Several hundred drivers and car cleaners come in everyday (non-covid times). Then you have online shopping deliveries, food deliveries, other couriers and family and friends coming in as visitors.

Like any other large condo complex, ours is a very diverse society. If you just take a walk around our condominium, you can see cars from almost every state across the country. We have lots of senior citizens either living alone or with their children. We also have serviced and company leased apartments.

When we moved into the condominium 18 years back, DLF managed it directly with a team. Within a few years, they handed over the reins to the Condominium Association. Residents elect their representatives on a regular basis in a democratic and transparent way.

The elected representatives manage the affairs of the condominium. Like in any other society, there are differences in views and opinions, bitter arguments and fights on several issues from accounts to buying new lifts to security to parking.

Over the years, the board has gone through several changes with every election. The most recent one took charge just a couple of months before the Covid19 pandemic struck us. We began the repairing and painting of the condominium just before the virus outbreak, and work had to stop.

As the first lockdown was about to be announced, our newly formed board members swung into action. They identified issues that needed to be addressed immediately given the crisis. They formed small volunteer groups, and developed an action plan. Their implementation was outstanding. We had very few cases and escaped being in the red zone all this while.

Some things that stood out for me –

  • Senior citizens taken care of brilliantly. From delivering groceries to them during the lockdown to getting them some domestic help to clean their houses, our board did it all.
  • Home quarantine – Residents who tested positive have been taken care of very well. Delivering food and groceries, arranging for doctors visits. Every single case has recovered.
  • The WhatsApp group – a great tool and used very effectively. Information sharing happens daily. Notifications, decisions, request for support, emergency contact numbers etc. is available to all residents.
  • Dealing with the unlock 1.0 and 2.0 – Allowing maids and domestic help did not result in a blowout. Restricting deliveries to the Tower gate is a great decision.

The most positive outcome has been that the virus, instead of spreading malice amongst us, has united all of us. We all feel strongly connected and are willing to trust and support everyone living here.

This blog is to thank our board and the team of volunteers who have toiled hard to ensure that all of us are safe and get past this pandemic. A shout out to all the residents too who supported the efforts by following all the rules and norms!

Here’s a 2014 Times of India article that mentions our condominium as one of the best managed in Delhi NCR – Our condo complex is Ridgewood Estate. We would be amongst the top 5 if there were to be a survey done now.

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