5 to 7 seconds per CV !$&?

Did you know ? Recruiters spend on an average just 5-7 seconds per CV ? It’s stats like these that are scary for jobseekers. The only concession that we can make is that recruiters have a trained eye and know exactly what they are looking for.

Why 5 to 7 seconds per CV:

According to the video that I viewed this morning, in the US on average 250 CVs are received for each job position. The image that I have attached with this post shares the “confessions of the recruitment industry”, and has valuable information. Obviously the recruiters don’t have much time to scrutinise the huge number of applications that they receive in response to each job posting. But they need to act and be decisive.

The Earlier Approach:

Given the number of job applications that companies receive, several process improvements have been made in recruitment. Use of key words and phrases, outsourcing the preliminary interviews, use of AI etc. The company’s recruitment team comes into the picture much later in the process, closer to the finalization stage.

“Good Candidates” Vs “Good Opportunities:

Despite several advances in the recruitment process, companies continue complaining about the lack of good candidates. Several young professionals who have an excellent CV complain about lack of good opportunities. This age-old mismatch continues to this day even as AI and other advanced technology comes into play.

Like the recruitment professionals, everyone who is seeking employment is waiting for THE technology that will solve the mismatch of “Good candidates” Vs “Good Opportunities”.

When ? My guess is as good as yours!

Sharing the video that I referenced above

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