Mumbai Pav in Gurgaon

On Wednesday (8th) we accomplished a much delayed project – we went to Vyapar Kendra, Sushant Lok and got my PayTM re-activated :):). For nearly a year, I couldn’t use my PayTM because the KYC was not done and there was Rs. 1500/- lying in the wallet un-utilized. The whole KYC process was painless and … Read more

NEFT-ed, PayTM-ed, Chequ-ed, Credit-ed to stay #Cashless

Today is a month since the historic demonetization move by the Government of India. Here’s a personal account of how we have managed and the challenges that still remain – The day it was announced, we checked the number of Rs. 500 notes with us and found that we just had 6 notes. In 100’s … Read more